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Learn How Rapid Resolution Can dramatically Help You!

A revolutionary technique designed to heal ones negative experiences promoting a transformational change.

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"For years I relived the moment my father died in my arms. Susan finally allowed me to let go and back to being a mother to my children!"


"Speechless. I have seen shrinks for years and have never seen such quick results from one therapy session before. Thanks SUE!"


"Susan used Rapid Resolution Therapy to help me with my addiction. I felt powerless for so long. She truly saved my life." 

Conventional Therapy VS RRT

Convetional Therapy

  • Typically takes years before you see results  

  • Unsuccessful results are normally blamed on the client not being “ready” or open to change/resistance. 

  • Traditional therapists are trained to make the client re-live traumatic past experiences over and over again as a technique to “release” The pain. 

  • Traditional  therapy teaches a client that they may feel hurt before they can start feeling a difference. 

Rapid Resolution Therapy

  • Significant results are often experienced after the initial session. 

  • An RRT therapist is responsible for promoting dramatic change.

  • RRT does not require the client to re-visit or re-experience past traumatic events resulting in a pain free treatment.

  • RRT results are long lasting and in some cases permanent

Common Challenges







Anxiety, Fears & Phobias


Relationships, Divorce


Depression, Stagnation



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