Is RRT Right For You?

What is Rapid Resolution Therapy?

RRT is a method to aide in the treatment of trauma. Originally, RRT was founded by Dr. Jon Connely for trauma and ever since, the therapy has been tailored to help patients deal with a variety of issues such as: anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, depression, grief and stress-related medical problems. 

What Does RRT Treat?

Many People believe that RRT only treats trauma but on the contrary. RRT can help with many other disorders ranging from Mild to Severe. Here is a list that RRT treats. Fears/ Phobias, Anger Issues, Anxiety, Sleep Problems, PTSD, Grief, Childhood Abuse, and lack of sexual desire. Why not call to set up a consultation

What To Expect.

Every person is unique with individualized problems/ issues that affect people differently. Most patients that receive RRT can relate the experience to be very calming and therapeutic. The best way to prep for this experience is to walk in with an open mind and the intention to receive the relief you need to move on from the presenting problem. 

How Long is a single Session?

Depending on the person RRT can range from 30-120 minuets. We suggest that you also have some time before and after for self reflection to truly absorb the experience properly.